Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is why I love this Girl

There are many different reasons why I love my wife, and her determination is one of the reasons.
Here is a story to go long with why I love Tin so much.
We were driving through Provo the other day and Kristina's eye caught a free treasure and as we passed the treasure she screamed out " free, turn around :)" I turned our car around to our new, free, treasure....the only problem that we were faced with was how we were going to fit this new find into out car. I knew that the gate in the Bronco was pretty much broken, and sometimes it took 45min to get the gate down.
Knowing that we had to be back home in 45min I gave Kristina a challenge. "if we can get the gate down in 5 minutes then the treasure is ours." boy oh boy that did not deter her from the challenge . She called it forth and went to work; she was determined, and that determination payed off. We got the gate down in record timing. We only did not set a new record in getting the gate down but we got a new treasure for the Manscill home :)
I loved here determination so much that I had to take this video of her in action, and you will get to see the treasure too. Enjoy.
Love you Tin :)