Wednesday, May 2, 2012

She Has

Right before Kinley was born I received a priesthood blessing in which we were told that Kinley would bring  heaven to our home.
update:  She Has.
Some of my favorite moments include:
*When she grabs my cheeks with both of her hands, puts her face up to mine, and just starts giggling
*At night before we go to bed, we always sneek into her room and watch her sleep for a few seconds.  Those are magical moments.  She's a little angel.
* When Colby leaves for work I sneak her in bed with me and I cuddle with her until she wakes up.  (probably a bad habit, but she's only a baby once, right?  I can't give up my cuddle time!)  It's so fun because instead of crying from the other room to let me know she's awake, she just opens her eyes, looks at me, and smiles.  It happens every morning and it never gets old.
*She's our newest beehive.  It's so fun to take her to church and young men/young women and let the youth enjoy her.  She's such a fun little buddy to have around.
*  I've started having morning prayer/blessing on the breakfast with her (even though she's too little to know what's going on, and she doesn't actually eat breakfast with me yet, it is still funner than saying it by myself in my head.  We always pray for daddy to have a good day at work :)  It's very funny to watch her observe me eat and reach out for everything as if she's begging me for solids, but the moment I let her try anything she just spits it out or gags.
*books!  she's loves herself a good story.  Don't we all?

And the list could go on.....