Sunday, March 6, 2011

Help Us Solve A Mystery!

So last night we spent a deal of time doing laundry at mom and dad's (Thank you so much!). We got home around 2 a.m. and sleepily climbed into bed. In the middle of the night I noticed my head felt a little off. I lifted my head and realized that instead of my pillow, I was laying on these three shoes!!! My thoughts were very confused. I looked around for my pillow (I sleep with 3) and noticed them on the floor! "What in the world did these shoes get here?!" "Is Colby turning into a weird sleeper and collecting shoes in our bed?" "Maybe he put them here on purpose as a funny joke?" "Did I have a funny dream about something which somehow inspired me to sleep walk, find my shoes, and bring them back to sleep with me?" "Were we so tired when we got home that we didn't notice the intruders in our bed?" Even if we were THAT tired, there is no reason why my shoes would ever be hidden under the covers, and I really think I would have noticed going to sleep with them if they were. I keep wondering and I really wish I knew how they got there. Talk about weird.

What do YOU think?


Addicted: being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming
*an abnormally strong craving *
*The state of being addicted; devotion; inclination *

According to these definitions, we have a diagnosis. I'm addicted to cross-country skiing. I'm no good, but I love it! It's exercise and bliss combined into one package! Unlike running, I have something I'm looking forward to other than a drink of water at the end of my workout: The downhill. And the surroundings are perfect! Nothing like being in the mountains away from our chaotic and fast-paced world. My only wish is that I could start my mornings out everyday like this.

My whole life I've rarely looked forward to winter. By the time February comes around, I am almost ("almost") willing to fast for the cause of that little groundhog, that he most definitely will NOT see his shadow! I never once took summer school because I knew I would have never survived it. I knew this because starting in March once the spring air started developing, so did my truancy in class. It was way too hard to attend my classes when I knew I could do some homework/studying outside in the sun or under a tree and reap better benefits! I have always longed for Summer; I am an Arizona girl. I love the sun, and I love the water.
But this week, I started loving the snow. And for the first time, I feel it's leaving us a little too early.