Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sledding, Snowshoeing, and Snow = Happiness!

Kinley's first Snowshoeing/Sledding adventure up Provo Canyon! 
Sledding, Snowshoeing, and Snow = Happiness! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back At Home

I doubt anyone even reads this blog anymore since it’s pretty much dead, but blogging has pretty much taken back seat as I have been working the last 4 months or so.  Well, Kinley has become much more active lately and going to work with me just hasn’t been as fun for her as it used to be…so I decided to quit my job and spend more time with her as her mom.  I felt like I made the right decision, but that means back to figuring out how we will pay our bills and buy food every month.  It’s not that it was easy when I was working, but it definitely wasn’t as hard and it gave us just a little bit of flexibility (like being able to splurge on good vitamins and buy my favorite kind of yogurt)!  Reality hit in the first week when I was back to eating whatever yogurt was on sale.  We do however have a lot to be grateful for.  Like the fact that my husband has a stable job that he loves, and also that I have only thrown up TWICE this pregnancy and have not had to go on nausea medication!  My old self that was pregnant with Kinley would be shocked at such a miracle!  I even have had a couple moments that I have forgotten I was even pregnant (My ever growing belly is quick to remind me though:)!  I don’t know why this kid was supposed to come at this time, but since Kinley was about 5 months old Colby and I kept feeling like kid #2 was supposed to come quicker than we thought.  We kept putting off the thought; first, because we wanted to make sure we weren’t crazy, and second because I didn’t know how on earth I could be that sick again and care for a Toddler.  Once we decided that the promptings were real and that we should start trying again I told Colby, “you better give me a blessing then because I’m going to need a whole lot of priesthood power for this.”  So I guess I owe much of my thanks to my Heavenly Father for helping me to feel well and joyful during this first trimester…it definitely feels miraculous.

And being home and able to spend more time with Kinley really is a blessing as well.  I'm falling more and more in love with her as her personality is starting to emerge and she does the funniest things.  It's being in the house all day that about drives me nuts, not being a mom.  Colby had one day a few weeks ago where his boss took him to observations at other schools which meant I had the car for the day.  It was amazing what having a car did for me!  I was actually excited to get the laundry done and clean the house before Kinley and I embarked on our adventures.  Our first stop was renewing my license.  Sounds boring, but for two girls that are stuck in the house all day it was so very very fun!  Next we hit Walmart.  We didn't buy anything, but just walked down the Christmas isles pushing all the buttons on the toys and laughing together.  That was all we did but we had the funnest day!  I try not to get jealous of my friends that post pictures of taking their babies and toddlers out to the zoo or to different museums, but sometimes I wish Price had a public bus so we could just go somewhere!

Living in Price has been a good experience and has definitely made us grateful for such wonderful family and friends that are only an hour and a half away from us.  We haven't been able to afford to go to Provo for a couple weeks which has made us really look forward to Christmas break!  Kinley and I are so excited to have 10 days to spend time with well as the rest of the clan.  I'm sure it will end too fast as all holiday breaks do, but we can't wait to see all of you!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Darn Genes!

Sorry Kinley...looks like the genes aren't in your favor.  This is me at about Kinley's age......

On the Bright side, I finally got a litty bitty bit of hair at age 2:

Keep your chin up Kinley....all in due time.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kinley figured out how to FLY!!

First Day of Flying!! She made it to the top but we did not capture it because the camera ran out of space on the card.  

Monday, June 25, 2012

New York, DC Production

Here is our trip to New York and DC in video happiness. Enjoy :)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That Colby-Man!  That Colby-Man!  I kind of like that Colby man!

Do you like Sore legs that ran?
I do not like them Colby-man, I do not like sore legs that ran.

Would you like them here or there?
I would not like them here or there, I would not like them anywhere.  I do not like sore legs that ran,
I do not like them Colby-man.

Would you like them at my house?  Will you like them since your my spouse?
I do not like them at your house, I will not like them as your spouse.
I do not like them here or there, I do not like them anywhere.

Would you like them in a race?
at.. let's say...a 12 minute pace?

Not in a race,
no 12-minute pace,
not as your spouse,
not at your house.
I do not want them here or there,
I do not want them anywhere!

I do not want sore legs that ran,
I do not want them Colby-man!

Would you?  Could you?
start to train?
If you'd listen,
I'll explain!

I would not, could not 
start to train.
I won't listen,
Don't you dare explain!

You may like it,
you will see,
if you begin
to train with me!

I would not, could not
it will hurt my knee!
Colby-man!  You let me be.

Squaw peak!  Squaw peak!
Everyone's in!
When will it
for you begin?

Never!  Never!  Your words are in vein.
You can't get me to run.  You can't get me to train.

Not in a race,
no 12-minute pace,
not as your spouse,
not at your house.
I do not want them here or there,
I do not want them anywhere!

I do not want sore legs that ran,
I do not want them Colby-man!

how about just one mile!
Would you, could you run one mile?

I would not could not run one mile.

Would you, could you,
with my dad?

I would not could not with your dad, 
not even a mile, not one little tad!

Never!  Your words are in vein.
You can't get me to run.  You can't get me to train.
Not in a race,
no 12-minute pace,
not as your spouse,
not at your house.
I do not want them here or there,
I do not want them anywhere!

You do not like sore legs that ran?

I do not like them Colby-man.

You do not want them so you say,
Just try running and you may!
Try it and you may I say!

If you will let me be,
I will try, you will see.

I like sore legs that ran!
I do! I like them Colby-man!

I still  would not could not with your dad, 
but maybe 13 miles, that might be rad!

It feels so good, so good, you see
What is coming over me?!

You got me to run.  and somewhat to train.
I ran in a race,
I ran slow pace.
I ran at your house,
and I'm glad I'm your spouse.
I guess I'll have them here or there
running pants I'll start to wear!
I do so like sore legs that ran,
Thank you! Thank you!

Ok, so that was a bit over-the-top....but that is my update.  We can cross "half-marathon" off the bucket list for this summer.  The picture above is from the 10k we ran last month.  I actually really enjoyed it.  So much so, that I think it raised my confidence just a little too much.  I ran it and felt great afterwards...and thought to myself "a half-marathon is only twice as much as what I just did...that's not bad."  and then Colby and I snuck in on provo half marathon the next week for the last 9 miles of it....and that too wasn't too bad....enjoyable I wasn't too worried for the actual half marathon. came our NYC/DC trip (will post about next time)....and a busy week after that....and let's just say my training took the backseat and I didn't run for several weeks in a row.  I still wasn't worried...again....just a little too confident.

Well...the evening before our race came and went...and Kinley chose that night to pull and all-nighter.  I got maybe an hour of sleep.  I still wasn't too worried...I had plenty of energy right before the race.  Then I started speeding (not knowingly) through my first mile.  And before mile 2 my knee started hurting.  But I figured it was a fluke and it would come back.  Then by mile 6 it was hurting A LOT.  Then I stopped to go to the bathroom at mile 10 and my leg completely froze up at the knee and it wouldn't bend either direction!  I massaged it, I stretched it, I prayed for it, ANYTHING to get it working.  Nothing.  So I dragged it.  And the last 3 miles took an hour.  I felt pretty pathetic.  Especially as the less fit/elderly started passing me and would turn to see me limping along and say "You're doing great!  You can make it!"  Haha.  I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father wanted me to learn humility because I learned a whole lot of it during my last half of the race.

So...I think I need to do another half before the summer is over so I can have a better experience.  I never thought I would say that I ran and enjoyed it...but I've learned it's something I enjoy when other people are running around me.  I don't think I will ever want to do longer distances, and I still don't like running by myself (boring!), but for the future, I'd like to keep running 10k's and occasionally...half marathons.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

She Has

Right before Kinley was born I received a priesthood blessing in which we were told that Kinley would bring  heaven to our home.
update:  She Has.
Some of my favorite moments include:
*When she grabs my cheeks with both of her hands, puts her face up to mine, and just starts giggling
*At night before we go to bed, we always sneek into her room and watch her sleep for a few seconds.  Those are magical moments.  She's a little angel.
* When Colby leaves for work I sneak her in bed with me and I cuddle with her until she wakes up.  (probably a bad habit, but she's only a baby once, right?  I can't give up my cuddle time!)  It's so fun because instead of crying from the other room to let me know she's awake, she just opens her eyes, looks at me, and smiles.  It happens every morning and it never gets old.
*She's our newest beehive.  It's so fun to take her to church and young men/young women and let the youth enjoy her.  She's such a fun little buddy to have around.
*  I've started having morning prayer/blessing on the breakfast with her (even though she's too little to know what's going on, and she doesn't actually eat breakfast with me yet, it is still funner than saying it by myself in my head.  We always pray for daddy to have a good day at work :)  It's very funny to watch her observe me eat and reach out for everything as if she's begging me for solids, but the moment I let her try anything she just spits it out or gags.
*books!  she's loves herself a good story.  Don't we all?

And the list could go on.....

Friday, February 24, 2012

3 Months!

Oh how we love this little girl!  She is growing up so fast.  Her smiles and grins NEVER get old and her giggles are becoming so addictive.  I find myself talking in high pitched voices and making silly noises with my mouth just for the reward of her giggle.  So stinkin' rewarding!  I have no idea why Heavenly Father blessed us with such a good-natured baby, but I have a feeling it might be because #2 is gonna be a real doozy.  Hope not. 

Kinley hardly ever cries.  And this might mean I am a bad mom, but the last 2 days she has fussed just to let me know that she would like to be put down for a nap. What?! This is new for me because I have been trying to find the perfect timing to put her down for naps so that she doesn't just cry and become more alert.  Apparrantly she knows better than I do when is the right time! Last night Colby was watching the BYU game with her and was trying to figure out why she was becoming fussy. I said, "Maybe she wants to go to bed," and tried putting her in her crib. She smiled, shut her eyes, and went right to sleep.  Oh how we love her!

Lately she has started to take an interest in toys, which is super fun....and she's also learned  this funny squawk/scream that sounds the exact same when she's excited and when she's annoyed. If I'm doing something, I have to turn to look at her face to know if she's screaming in delight or frustration.  She's also started doing this funny cough when she is not happy with something.  At first I though she had gotten sick from all the germs exposed at the wedding, but I soon realized she only makes the noise when she is not happy with something.  I'll have to get in on video sometime. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Caution: This may cause you to stand on your seat and start chanting RSL.