Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apple picking adventures

Apply picking, in October? Don't mind if we do:) Last Monday for FHE Me, Kristina, Matt, and Melv-dawgs and family (this is a 84 year farmer that I became friends with 7 years ago) drove out to Mapleton to an enormous apple orchard where we picked apples till they were coming out of our ears. We filled up Melvin's aka Melv-dawgs old pick up truck to the brim with apples after a few apple picking hours. But while picking we found our fair share of rotten, worm eaten applies...and with those rotten apples we had a rotten apple fight...the competition included who could throw the apples the furthest, who could hit a tree with a apple, and who could throw a apple across the orchard into a apple bag. Sweet times....... Speaking of sweet times, the next day we went over to Melv-dawgs house in Pleasant Grove where we made fresh pressed apple cider. This is one of the reasons that I love falls so much, I am addicted to Melvin's home made apple cider. I have been brewing the apple cider with Malvin for the last four years. Taste-a-licous to the taste buds:) here are a few pictures of the apple pick adventure


And here is the glorious Home made apple cider
almost gone...that means I get to go over and make some more homemade cider.