Friday, July 29, 2011

Adventure #2

Why use words when you can see it for yourself!! Adventure #2 in video form:)

If you were like me I could not stop drooling until the light show extravaganza was done!
But the real question that you all might have is, "where were we?" And the answer is... The Days of 47 Rodeo! That might be hard to believe that was at a Rodeo but I would not put anything past the Days of 47, they have known how to party since July 24, 1847.

Yup, We held those faces for the whole rodeo.

Here are two more Videos...

And that is adventure #2, stay posted for more adventures to come.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Goodbye Zofran, Hello Life! I started feeling sick again even on the zofran and phenergen, so Colby and I decided to start weening me off of it gradually and see what happens. Despite some funny withdrawal moments, I'm happy to say that I'm completely off it now, and although I still feel nauseous, no throwing up! And that is definitely manageable! So hello life! I'm happy not feeling like I need to depend on a pill or two to get through my day. And since Colby and I have realized we haven't documented the first part of our marriage very well.....we are happy to announce.....(drum roll please)....The beginning :"30 Adventures Before Baby." Now these adventures can be anything as simple as a walk in the park...or as exciting as maybe a road trip somewhere. So pretty much life will continue as it has, but we're dedicated to start using our camera and document our adventures!

Adventure #1 was FHE tonight. We kicked off the evening with a summer dinner favorite (Southwestern Chicken Salad), and then re-created our first date with a tandem bike ride around Provo. Colby told me not to put too much effort into the uphill part, as he used his very manly leg muscles to peddle us up to a fun lookout. Of course we kissed when we got to the top, but no one wants to hear about that! :)

Keep a lookout for more adventures, the best is yet to come!