Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Colby!

Adventure # 8: Happy Birthday Colby!

Happy Birthday Colby!!!

I made the mistake of volunteering to make Colby's students cupcakes for his birthday. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if I had stuck with one kind, but kids like options, right? SO ... I made 3 different kinds.....not realizing that I would end up in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG. Literally. From like 10 am to almost 10 pm with a couple hours break for dinner. End result? A Hundred-and-twenty-something cupcakes. I'm never, ever, ever doing that again as a pregnant girl in her 3rd trimester unless I have TWO ovens, or TWO muffin pans. Or both. My left foot was so swollen I couldn't see my ankles (which thankfully is the first signs of swelling I've had thus far) and my back felt broken...but it was worth the sacrafice because I'm married to the best man in the world. In fact....he's so amazing that some hick pregnant cowgirl made this dorky music video for him! Check it out!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

This is for you Jake! :) Some people have been begging to see pics of the new for those of you that haven't seen it is!

Downstairs Bedroom

Downstairs bedroom #2

Unfinished Family Room/Laundry Room

Downstairs Bath

Upstairs bath

Upstairs NurseryMaster bedroom closets




Adventures, Adventures, Adventures.

Due to not having internet, our blog has been a little neglected. Poor blog.
Here's some highlights on adventures 3-7
3. This one was a long time ago...but Colby went maternity shopping with me (let's face it, he is a much better dresser than me....I need his opinion before I buy these days!) Colby tried on the "maternity belly" while in the dressing room, and I had to take a pic. Thank goodness he's not the one pregnant, he looks kind of funny with a baby belly.

4. Mona rope swing! We made this one of our last adventures before we moved. I was surprised how hard it was to tuck my legs up high as I took off. Belly weighs me down more than I realized :( Good thing I didn't try the high up one first or I probably would have just landed on the ground. Colby just laughed as I dragged into the water. (video of Colby to follow...)

5. WE MOVED! yay. We are homeowners now, and it is so fun to have a place of our own. We are learning some of the trials though, as we work through different repairs. Colby did some touch-up painting throughout the house, and it didn't end up matching, so now we get to paint the whole house :) We just hope to get it done long before baby comes so she doesn't have to breath paint fumes during her first earthly experience. Our move went pretty good though, and Jami, Jon, Mom, and kids came and helped us unpack some things which was a HUGE blessing for us. Thanks guys!

6. Colby is a big kid. Yup, that's right....he's finally a full-time seminary teacher. We had fun nights together setting up his classroom and getting ready for school to start.

7. Home improvement. This has been fun, though it seems there is still lots to do. Colby has done lots, and lots, and lots of weeding to try and minimize our forest, and I have worked at getting things clean on the inside. Colby also did touchups on the walls (as was mentioned) and I re-caulked our shower. Most recently....we are re-finishing our cabinets. I worked on getting all the cabinet doors unscrewed while Colby was at work, and he's set up a workplace in the basement to do the hard part. We will post pics of the finished project .... but until then ... cross your fingers we do it right :) Later down the road, my brother's wife is going to come help us put down tile in our kitchen to replace the linoleum. Next on our budget will probably be blinds... or paint :)