Monday, December 12, 2011

Bucket List for 2012

Things We Plan to Accomplish this upcoming year:

We will continue to edit this post as we think of more things.

1. Run a half marathon together
2. Take a summer trip to either D.C., Florida, or....Nauvoo
3. Visit Colby's mission
4. Teach Kinley to swim or slam dunk
5. Visit a National Park
6. Plant a garden. or a plant. Or at least one vegetable. Or maybe just prune our trees.
7. Tile our kitchen and bathroom floors
8. Read the D&C and both general conference Ensigns as a family
9. Attend 3 sibling's weddings
10. Take Kinley to her first RSL game
12. Eat at least 10 bags of PB M&Ms
13. Go to a rodeo and convince the family to come with us
14. Start a food storage
15. Teach Kinley how to say "true dat"
16. Go horseback riding
17. Have plenty of dance parties
18. Kiss under 5 major landmarks in the city of Price (Wingers doesn't count)
19. Take family pics next fall and have one to hang on our wall
20. pid ynniks

Kinley's First Photo Shoot

We will forever be thankful to have a photographer in the family.....Thanks to Jon, we got some snapshots of Kinley at 2 weeks. She cried most of the time so it wasn't the most successful photo session, but we got a few good ones that we like and will appreciate that they were taken